Our Mission Is to build great business stories.

And what does that mean?

We connect businesses to the service provider that’s going to take them to the next level. Top talent in web development to launch that new service. Marketing agencies that get the word out. Then, once you’ve found your place in the market, the branding agency that reflects it with the way your business looks, speaks and feels.

Enabling the journey of a company from idea, to household name, is building a great business story.

And it’s what Sortlist does.

A few clicks, and our algorithm matches a company with an ideal S(h)ortlist from 50,000 different service providers. Human advisors help you navigate the complicated world of signing with the right agency. And the platform allows you to message, meet and sign with that perfect provider.

Since 2014 we’ve matched over 150,000 companies with their ideal service provider, writing the first chapter of their business story.

Company Details

Sortlist was born in 2014 out of a frustration: finding the right service provider for any project was too hard, too slow and too risky.

That’s why four digital natives decided to create a solution that would make this process easy, fast and reliable. They built Sortlist.com, a platform that uses artificial intelligence and human expertise to match clients with agencies that fit their needs, budget and expectations.

But Sortlist.com is more than just a platform. It’s a community of 80,000+ talented agencies and 100,000+ businesses that trust Sortlist to help them create great business stories. It’s also a team of 100 passionate, talented people who are constantly challenging themselves to innovate and improve the platform to make it the best it can be.

The People

Why do job sites always mention how many nationalities make up their team? There are some things that are more important (though, for the record, we’ve got 15+).

Some things that we think are more important than where a person comes from we call them the 5ts:

: Everyone at Sortlist is approachable, from CEO down, and there are no secrets. Transparency is key to a trusting relationship across departments.

: You’re trusted with important work, and are trusted to get it done. We’re not going to record your screen, or make you clock in and out. We’re all adults here.

: We work with people with talent, and we work to develop that talent to its fullest potential.

: we pull better together as a team, and a team-first attitude is expected from everyone!

A non-negotiable - do your best work, pull hard. And try new things: everyone tackles today like it’s day one - with lots to learn and excitement of discovering new worlds.

The Environment

There’s lots to do, and you’ll be here to do it.

From the outset everyone is given responsibility. So you’ll learn, you’ll grow, you’ll try new things and most of all you’ll build stuff. And to help you do that, each employee has a training budget to upskill themselves.

To bring the team together from the different offices around the world we organise one international bootcamp per year, guaranteed to mix fun, new faces, and new ideas.

Join Us

Sortlist.com has a mission: helping any organisation to work with the best partner without any friction. It’s a mission that gets us out of bed every day, to do exciting work.

And it’s a mission that we want you to be part of. If you join Sortlist you’ll grow to have an impact in a fast growing company. And you’ll work with thousands of talented agencies and clients from all over the world, as part of a company that values creativity, collaboration and fun.

See our open opportunities: if you’ve read on this far, and are excited about what you’ve seen - we’re sure you’ll be a great fit.

  • Jorge

    PR Specialist 🇪🇸

    “ Sortlist represents a flexible culture of continuous learning and collaboration. Colleagues always look for feedback and greatly value others' opinions, which in the corporate world can easily be overlooked. Sortlist makes it look and feel easy. ”

  • Elzaan

    Sales Development Representative 🇿🇦

    “ I Love my Sortlist family! So dynamic and fun! Remove ”

  • Kenneth

    Lead Designer for UI & Brand 🇧🇪

    “ Working at Sortlist is thrilling! I love working on a single product, make it evolved over time and see the direct impact it can have on the perception and feelings users might have about our services. ”